In case you haven't heard the Expedia Hong Kong travel blog is now live (! On April 15th, 2015, we announced the launch of the Expedia Hong Kong travel blog, officially making us the first online travel agency in Hong Kong to offer its very own travel information covering travel news, popular destinations, culture, arts, festivals, cuisines and most importantly cheap travel deals (hotels + flights). This new addition will open up a new channel for travel bloggers & enthusiasts to take part in this blogosphere to share their travel interests and discuss travel experiences.



Furthermore, local Hong Kong celebrities joined us at the blog launch event with the likes of Chapman To, Cheuk Wan-chi and James Hong. They were the first of many to share their personal travel experiences through the Expedia Hong Kong travel blog. We feel much honored to have these special guests join and share with us how travel has impacted their personal life and broadened their perspective of the world.

5.杜汶澤 卓韻芝 成為智遊網全新旅遊博客中的星級博客



Finally, as our Marketing Manager at Expedia Hong Kong June Tsang says: “We are excited to launch new offerings and a travel blog tailor-made by Hong Kongers for the Hong Kong people. Expedia will continue to listen to our users and understand what they need and want for their travel planning. Making it easy and convenient to plan and book a journey is our passion.”