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It’s safe to assume that 2020 was a year we missed the excitement and thrill of searching and planning for a holiday or a quick escape. With all said and done, we made the best of it. But it’s now time to welcome the Year of the Ox and all its fortune that it has in store for the year ahead.

With the Chinese New Year celebrations approaching, Expedia has teamed up with Hong Kong post-90s FengShui Master, Tasha, to come up with a fun but comprehensive fengshui guide to plan your vacays, near or far for 2021. 

The report this year provides predictions and outlook for travel planning and considerations based on the five elements, compass directions and prosperous locations, ideal travel month, and your most suitable travel companion.  

To help you take the load off your upcoming travel or staycation planning, Expedia has also included suitable hotels for each Chinese zodiac to improve your fortune this Year of the Ox. 


Know more about your travel fortune in the Year of the Ox now!

Rat | Ox | TigerRabbit

Dragon | Snake | Horse | Goat

Monkey | Rooster | Dog | Pig


Year of Birth: 202020081996198419721960 and 1948 

Lucky Months to Travel: January, September, November and December 


2021 Fortune Prediction 

2021 will be a promising year for the Rat. Entering into a year of He Tai Sui (meaning the union with Tai Suithe grand commander of the Chinese zodiac), this sign will experience a prosperous year and gain assistance from benefactors, helping them to succeed in different aspects. The Rat will also be looked after by the auspicious Wen Chang star (the Intellectual star).  

Water governs the sign of the Rat. Taking some relaxing trips this year is advised, such as cruising or visiting historical places. The older the place, the better the energy. Visiting places of historical significance can help to promote your luck and focus, allowing you to focus more precisely and thoroughly. It also helps improve your work relationships and inspire you to shape your future development plans. 

Lucky Travel Companions  

Your lucky travel companion is the Ox. As the Ox is your Secret Friend, it is more likely for the two of you to strengthen your friendship than having arguments when traveling. You may also consider traveling with the Monkey and the Dragon. Although the Monkey tends to be quick-tempered while the Dragon tends to be manipulative, your easy-going personality makes you compatible with them. You may get some new inspirations when traveling with them.  

Lucky Directions 

Promotes Career Growth and Improves Health: North 

Boosts Wealth: South 

Attracts Love: West 

Attracts Marriage and Improves Fertility: East 

Prosperous Locations 

Kwun Tong, Tseung Kwan O  

Expedia hotel recommendation 

Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon EastHoliday Inn Express Hong Kong Kowloon CBD2


Year of Birth: 202120091997198519731961 and 1949 

Lucky Month to Travel: March, September and December 


2021 Fortune Prediction 

Going into its own year, the Ox will experience a year of Fan Tai Sui (offending Tai Sui, the grand commander of the Chinese zodiac) in 2021. Under the powerful influence of Tai Sui, your achievement this year will greatly affect your fortune in the next two years. Be extremely careful whatever you do. With the presence of the star of Hua Gai (the Elegance Seal star), you are more likely to have negative emotions. Make use of this year to take some new courses or develop new skills to increase your competitiveness.   

Earth governs the sign of the Ox. Take part in some fun-filled activities such as basic water sports, rowing and canoeing, but avoid participating in dangerous water sports. Treat yourself to a hot-spring bath – which not only can get rid of your negative emotions, but also improve your work performance, learning ability and personal relationships.  

Lucky Travel Companions 

Your lucky travel companion is the Rat. As the Rat is your Secret Friend, the two of you not only share similar interests, but also understand and get along with each other well. It is as if your minds are in sync. Your Allies are the Rooster and the Snake. The Rooster will have good luck in love this year, so hang out more with them to enhance your luck in love. 

Lucky Directions 

Attracts good luck and benefactors: North West 

Attracts love: South 

Attracts marriage and improves fertility: North East 

Improves health: North  

Most Prosperous Locations 

Causeway Bay, Repulse Bay, Wan Chai 

Expedia hotel recommendation 

iclub Wan Chai HotelRegal Hongkong HotelLanson Place Hotel, Hong KongThe Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel 



Year of Birth: 20101998198619741962 and 1950 

Lucky Months to Travel: June, October and November 


2021 Fortune Prediction 

You will have a smooth-sailing year ahead, thanks to the presence of benefactors to lend you a helping hand. With the auspicious star of Tian Yi Gui Ren (the Nobleman star) coming into your charts for those born in the year of the Tiger, this sign will be able to turn misfortune into fortune. You will do fairly well despite the economic slowdown. Aided by the benefactors, not only will you shine at work, but also likely to get a promotion.   

Wood governs the sign of the Tiger. Be more spontaneous and plan less when you travel. Try doing some exciting extreme sports such as parachuting and bungee jumping. This can help you return to your true self and gain motivation.  

Lucky Travel Companions  

Your lucky travel companion is the Pig. People born in the year of the Pig possess a genial and accommodating personality while you enjoy taking care of others. Traveling with the Pig brings out the caring side of you and makes you feel good about protecting others. You also get along well with the Horse and the Dog. The Horse is just like you – lively and has a fast-moving nature. Traveling with the Dog is hassle-free, and they will help you to plan everything down to the last detail. 

Lucky Directions 

Avoids conflicts and money loss: South 

Boosts overall luck and career success: South 

Attracts marriage, strengthens love relationship and improves health: North East 

Avoid going to the Southeastern side 

Most Prosperous Locations 

Tsuen Wan, Tsing Yi, Tung Chung  

Expedia hotel recommendation 

Hotel Ease Access Tsuen WanSheraton Hong Kong Tung Chung 



Year of Birth: 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963 and 1951 

Best Months to Travel: March, July and October 


2021 Fortune Prediction 

Unfortunately, there is no auspicious star for people born under the sign of the Rabbit in 2021. The Rabbit is neither in conflict nor entirely compatible with the Tai Sui. Yet, with the presence of negative stars such as Di Sang (the Earth Funeral star), Zai Sha (the Calamity Killing star) and Pi Tou (the Peeling Head star), 2021 will prove to be an average year for the Rabbit.  

Wood governs the sign of the Rabbit. Check out photo-worthy cafés, hotels or scenic spots or simple go shopping. Explore local cuisine as you will gain inspiration from food which can help boosting your luck.  

Best Travel Companions  

Your best travel companion is the Dog. People born in the year of the Rabbit are sensitive, while people with the Dog sign are generally righteous and sincere. They can overcome your insecurities and negative emotions and take good care of you. The Pig and the Rabbit have a gentle personality, which makes them a compatible travel companion for you. Traveling with them is full of fun.  

Lucky Directions 

Increases positivity and boosts career luck: East 

Improves relationship and romance luck: North 

Attracts benefactors and improves health: North Eastern 

Most Prosperous Locations 

Sham Tseng, Tsuen Wan, Tsing Yi 

Most Suitable Hotels 

Bay Bridge Lifestyle RetreatHotel Ease Access Tsuen Wan 



Year of Birth: 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964 and 1952 

Best Months to Travel: August, September and December 


2021 Fortune Prediction 

In 2021, the Dragon will clash with Tai Sui. The sign will also see negative stars such as Gou Shen (the Hook Spirit star) and Guan Suo (the Piercing Rope star) come into their charts. This means they have a higher chance of getting involved in conflicts with other people and even lawsuits. Execute extra caution when reviewing terms and conditions. Be tolerant and patient to avoid potential arguments.  

Earth governs the sign of the Dragon. Go hiking or participate in some high energy activities. This will make you feel successful and satisfy your desire. You are likely to come across innovative ideas at work and have the courage to put your thoughts into action.  

Best Travel Companions  

Your best travel companion is the Rooster who is your Secret Friend. It is also worth mentioning that the Dragon and the Rooster tend to fit pretty well in love. If you’ve been looking for love, consider travelling with friends who are born in the year of the Rooster to boost your romance luck. You will enjoy spending time with the Rooster. The Monkey and the Rat are the two allies of the Dragon. They make good friends and get along well with you. 

Lucky Directions 

Strengthens relationships and avoids conflicts: West 

Boosts career advancement and enhances windfall luck: North 

Prevents health problem: East 

Most Prosperous Locations 

Tsim Sha Tsui, Admiralty, Central  

Most Suitable Hotels 

K11 ARTUS, Regal Kowloon HotelJW Marriott Hotel Hong KongMandarin Oriental, Hong Kong 



Year of Birth: 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965 and 1953 

Best Months to Travel: January, August and September 


2021 Fortune Prediction 

In the Chinese zodiac, the Ox and the Snake are in harmony with each other. You are likely to gain recognition and appreciation from benefactors from abroad, who can assist you to achieve great success. Your friends will also be more than happy to lend you a helping hand. With auspicious stars such as San Tai (the Three Stages star) and Guo Yin (the National Treasure star) coming into your charts, you will enjoy favorable career prospects this year. There will be opportunities for career advancement.  

Fire governs the sign of the Snake. Go on a solo trip to experience the beauty of life. Visit mythical places or religious buildings to explore the history of religion and ancient stories. Transform your travel into a spiritual pilgrimage by visiting holy sites. 

Best Travel Companions  

Your best travel companion is the Monkey who is your Secret Friend. Yet, due to the influence of San Xing (the Bullying Punishment), it is inevitable that your relationship with the Monkey is more of the love-hate variety. Having said that, the two of you enjoy each other’s company when traveling and would love to spend as much time together as possible. Also consider taking a trip with the Rooster and the Ox. Traveling with the Ox gives you a sense of security, while the Rooster brings you joy and fun. 

Lucky Directions 

Boosts career success and avoids conflicts: West 

Attracts love and relationship: North West 

Improves health: South East 

Most Prosperous Locations 

Admiralty, The Peak, Central 

Most Suitable Hotels 

Island Shangri-LaJW Marriott Hotel Hong KongMadera HollywoodTwo MacDonnell Road



Year of Birth: 2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966 and 1954 

Best Months to Travel: February, July and October 


2021 Fortune Prediction 

After going through a year of Chong Tai Sui (opposing Tai Sui) in 2020, this year is forecasted to be a more promising year for those born in the year of the Horse. Moving into a year of Hai Tai Sui (harming Tai Sui), this means you may encounter some setbacks in 2021. But do not fret, as you will be showered with blessings from auspicious stars such as Yue De (the Kindness star), Tian Chu (the Cook star) and Yu Tang (the Jade Hall star). This means any difficulties you may encounter will be eventually resolved. In overall, 2021 will be a better year than last year for the Horse.   

Fire governs the sign of the Horse. Go outdoor and challenge yourself to take part in some exciting activities, such as horse riding, scuba diving, diving and bungee jumping. Dive into the sea and explore the world of underwater as freely as you like. This will satisfy your cravings for curiosity, excitement and freedom.  

Best Travel Companions  

Your best travel companion is the Goat who is your Secret Friend. The two of you possess similar personality traits – enjoy being with people and are generous with your money. You both share similar preferences towards spending and are interested in similar activities, making the two of you a compatible pair. You make traveling with the Tiger and the Dog more interesting, as you will invigorate them to do interesting things and broaden their horizon.  

Lucky Directions 

Avoids bad romance and promotes physical and mental health: North West 

Enhances career and work luck: South  

Attracts marriage and improves fertility: West 

Improves health: South East 

Most Prosperous Locations 

Sai Kung, North Point, Central 

Most Suitable Hotels 

The Pier HotelHyatt Centric Victoria Harbour Hong KongThe Murray, Hong Kong, a Niccolo Hotel, 

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong



Year of Birth: 2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967 and 1955 

Best Months to Travel: March, July and November 


2021 Fortune Prediction 

Coming into a year of Chong Tai Sui (opposing Tai Sui), there will be some moving around for the Goat in 2021. The likelihood of starting a new home, moving home and even moving abroad are on the horizon. 2021 will be an uphill battle where your life will take a 180-degree turn. Be prepared for some drastic changes. The Goat will see negative stars, including San Sha (the Moon Killing star) and Da Hao (the Great Consumer star), come into their charts.  

Earth governs the sign of the Goat. Travel with friends instead of having a solo trip. The more the companions, the better. Avoid high-risk outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, surfing and parachuting. Treat yourself to spa treatments, visit museums or go into the nature. This will help boost your luck and avoid negative energy at work and love relationships.  

Best Travel Companions  

Your best travel companion is the Horse. Consider traveling with the Horse even if they are just a new acquaintance. They make a good match with you as you both have very similar personalities – both are easy going in most things and tend to be generous. Also consider travelling with the Pig and the Rabbit. They will fill the journey with fun, making you wish you could stay longer! 

Lucky Directions 

Improves overall luck and career luck: East 

Strengthens love relationship and avoids conflicts: North 

Boosts health: South  

Most Prosperous Locations 

Outlying Islands, Sham Tseng, Kai Tak 

Most Suitable Hotels 

Silvermine Beach ResortBay Bridge Lifestyle RetreatConcerto Inn



Year of Birth: 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968 and 1956 

Best Months to Travel: May, August and December 


2021 Fortune Prediction 

The Monkey will profit from Zi Wei (the Emperor star), Long De (the Dragon Virtue star) and Tian Xi (the Heaven Happiness star) in 2021. With these auspicious stars in the charts, people born in the year of the Monkey are likely to get a pay raise or promotion this year. Having said that, you will need to put in extra effort to pull ahead of large numbers of highly capable competitors. People with the Monkey sign tend to be quick-tempered and may give up easily. Be patient and work hard to strengthen your foundation. This will help you stay ahead of the competition.  

Metal governs the sign of the Monkey. Indulge in an array of outdoor activities and waters sports, such as hockey and parachuting. Visiting religious temples can help slow down and clear your mind, preventing you from making potential mistakes. 

Best Travel Companions  

Your best travel companion is the Snake. The two of you are highly attracted to each other despite constantly having varying views. The Snake is willing to follow your travel plan, trying out new things and experience new excitements with you. The Dragon and the Rat will also make a great travel companion for you. The three signs may not talk a lot throughout the trip, but will eventually build a bond and get closer to each other when doing things together.  

Lucky Directions 

Tames your temper and boosts learning luck: South 

Attracts benefactors and promotes social luck: North 

Strengthens romantic relationship: North East 

Prevents relapse: South West 

Most Prosperous Locations 

Jordan, Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui 

Most Suitable Hotels 

Nathan Hoteliclub Mong Kok HotelCordis, Hong Kong, Rosewood Hong Kong, Hotel ICON 



Year of Birth: 2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957 and 1945 

Best Months to Travel: January, April and May 


2021 Fortune Prediction 

The Rooster and the Ox form one of the three compatible pairs called San He, which means the sign will be blessed by Tai Sui throughout the year. Several auspicious stars will shine for the Rooster this year, including Xun Lu (the Good Fortune star), Jiang Xing (the General star), Jin Gui (the Golden Lock star) and Ba Zuo (the Eight Seat star). People with the Rooster sign will enjoy good luck in career, wealth and investment in 2021. You are likely to reap profits from investment. This year will also be a great year to expand your business. 

Metal governs the sign of the Rooster. Visit enchanting places that look straight out of a fairy tale, or dive in to explore the tranquil and mysterious world of coral reef. This can help to maintain stability in your life amid myriad changes. 

Best Travel Companions  

Your best travel companion is the Dragon. People with the Dragon sign are born with superb leadership. They are happy to have everything planned and arranged for you. In return, you will offer a listening ear to them. This helps you get to know them better and strengthen your friendship. Traveling with the Snake and the Ox will also be a good option. They will have everything sorted out, so you can just sit back and enjoy the trip to the fullest.  

Lucky Directions 

Promotes overall luck, avoids conflicts and boosts health: South  

Expands new business and enhances wealth luck: West 

Most Prosperous Locations 

Lai Chi Kok, Kwun Tong 

Most Suitable Hotels 

Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Kowloon CBD2 



Year of Birth: 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958 and 1946 

Best Months to Travel: February, March and October 


2021 Fortune Prediction 

People born in the year of the Dog are going to face a year of Xing Tai Sui (clashing with Tai Sui), this means you are likely to be “punished” by Tai Sui. You are looking at a year of emotional extremities and bad temper. Keep your temper in check and be careful not to offend others. You may find yourself under more pressure than ever.  

Earth governs the sign of the Dog. Train your patience by participating in recreational activities such as hiking, fishing and trekking. This can help tame your temper and reduce its impact on your career. Take a break at the seaside to enjoy the scenic sea view. Being close to the sea can help boost your overall luck and wealth luck.   

Best Travel Companions  

Your best travel companion is the Rabbit. The Dog and the Rabbit tend to get along naturally. Energetic and resilient, the Rabbit can keep their energy up even having a long journey and will be a good companion for different activities, be it mountain climbing or diving into the sea. Also consider traveling with the Horse and the Tiger. The two signs are active and full of energy – being with them can fill you with positive energy and confidence, while you can bring them happiness and luck.  

Lucky Directions 

Improves social luck and promotes career advancement: South 

Enhances wealth and career luck: Costal Area  

Attracts love: East 

Speeds up recovery: West  

Most Prosperous Locations 

Sha Tin, Kowloon Tong 

Most Suitable Hotels 

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin 



Year of Birth: 2019, 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959 and 1947 

Best Months to Travel: February, July and November 


2021 Fortune Prediction 

People born in the year of the Pig will see the star of Yi Ma (the Flying Horse star) come into their charts. The more you travel, the more you benefit. Expanding your business overseas or moving abroad can bring you good luck. Yet, this year you will only see limited auspicious stars and not any stars of Tao Hua (the Peach Blossom stars) in your charts. There might be some financial loss. To avoid so you should seize every opportunity to travel. 

Water governs the sign of the Pig. Get involved in group activities such as escape room challenge, war game and canoeing. Being with people not only can bring out the compassionate and easy-going side of you, but also helps attract suitable business partners and a new love into your life. 

Best Travel Companions  

Your best travel companion is the Tiger. The two of you are able to blend your differences in personalities to complement each other, making you two a perfect travel companion for each other. When traveling with the Goat and the Rabbit, it is all about enjoyment. The three of you are likely to immerse yourselves in the finest and most luxurious experiences. Save extra money for the holidays and pay more attention to safety. 

Lucky Directions 

Boosts overall luck and investment luck: South 

Attracts love: North 

Enhances study luck, improves fertility and boosts health: South West 

Most Prosperous Locations 

Admiralty, Central, Outlying Islands 

Most Suitable Hotels 

The St. Regis Hong KongThe Upper HouseSilvermine Beach ResortConcerto Inn


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