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Feeling restless at work again? Expedia Hong Kong is here to help you plan your vacation calendar for 2015 plus show you how-to maximize your travels with Hong Kong Public Holidays.

Expedia Hong Kong have counted the days where by taking just a few days off, you can enjoy an extended getaway to various travel destinations.

Remember to plan ahead before the best hotel & flight deals get booked up!


February 2015 – Chinese New Year Holiday

Public Holiday: 19th – 22nd Feb (4-days)

Take Leave(s): Take 3-days annual leave and get a total of 9-days holiday (14th – 22nd, Feb)

Recommended Travel Destination(s): Trip to Tokyo or Kyoto

Cherry Blossom season is just around the corner, if you don't want to miss another season of viewing the beautiful Cherry Blossom bloom you will have to book your hotel and flight now on! During your stay in Tokyo or Kyoto visit nearby hot springs for some R&R and tantalize your palate with the flavors of Japanese cuisine.


April 2015 – Easter Break + Ching Ming Festival

Public Holiday: 3rd – 7th, April (5-days)

Take Leave(s): Take 3-days annual leave and get a total of 10-days holiday (3th – 12th, Apr)

Recommended Travel Destination(s): Trip to Seoul, Busan or Jeju

April is the best time to go on a long vacation with Easter break and Ching Ming Festival holiday back-to-back. If you don’t want to take any days off you can still enjoy a 5-days getaway to Seoul to experience their late night shopping in Myeong-dong & Dongdaemun Market district. After the shopping spree, be sure to hit up a local Korean BBQ restaurant for authentic Seoul food. If you rather take an extended holiday you can go on a 10 day trip to Seoul, Busan & Jeju to get the full experience of South Korea.


May 2015 – The Birthday of the Buddha

Public Holiday: 25th, May (1-day)

Take Leave(s): Take 2-days annual leave and get a total of 5-days holiday (21st – 25th, May)

Recommended Travel Destination(s): Taipei or Yilan

In May if you want to extend your holiday in May, an option is to take 2-days off just before the weekend thanks to Buddha’s Birthday public holiday. If you haven’t  been to Taipei or Yilan lately, this will be your best time for some delicious Taiwanese food and more!


July 2015 – Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day

Public Holiday: 1st, July (1-day)

Take Leave(s): Take 2-days annual leave and get a total of 5-days holiday (1st – 5th, July)

Destination Recommendation: Trip to Bangkok, Hua Hin or Pattaya

To kick off the official first weekend of summer it is definitely a must to take an extra 2-days off for an affordable getaway to Bangkok, Hua Hin or Pattaya to soak up the sun and indulge in Thai spa sessions.


September – Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival + National Day

Public Holiday: 28th, Sept + 1ST, Oct (2 days)

Take Leave(s): Take 3-days annual leave and get a total of 9-days holiday (26th, Sept – 4th, Oct)

Destination Recommendation: Sydney

September is the beginning of spring in Sydney, Australia and the best time to enjoy the great weather – Embrace the new season along with the Spring Festivals!


December – Christmas Holiday

Public Holiday: 25th, Dec ( 1-day + weekend)

Take Leave(s):  Take 4-days annual leave and get a total of 9-days holiday (19th – 27th, Dec)

Destination Recommendation: Osaka

If you still haven’t been to the Universal Studios in Osaka this Christmas will be your chance to experience all the thrilling rides and enchantment of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™. While you are in town, make sure to  check out the Rinku Premium Outlets for an ultimate shopping spree


2015 Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Your Travels with Hong Kong Public Holidays Calendar