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  1. Who should be booking designated quarantine hotels?

All persons arriving at Hong Kong (either via the airport or land boundary control points) who have stayed in regions or countries outside Mainland China and Macau on the day of arrival at Hong Kong or during the specified duration before that day as well as certain specified exempted persons must undergo compulsory quarantine in accordance with the directions under the Prevention and Control of Disease Regulation, and their parent/caretaker who is approved by the Department of Health to accompany them during the quarantine period. In addition, inbound travellers are having different compulsory quarantine requirements (such as compulsory quarantine period of 7 days, 14 days or 21 days) based on the grouping of specified places they have stayed in (including extremely high-risk – group A1; very high-risk – group A2; high-risk – group B; medium-risk – group C; low-risk – Group D).

The Government announced that the boarding, quarantine and testing requirements for persons arriving from overseas will be tightened from 0.00am on 20 August 2021. Also, after making reference to the updated expert recommendations, the Government announced that from 0.00am on 20 August 2021, the compulsory quarantine period can only be shortened to 14 days at most, even if the persons arriving at Hong Kong were fully vaccinated and possess positive serology antibody test results (click here for details).

For more details, please refer to the below infographic provided by the Department of Health or check out “Points to Note for Quarantine for Inbound Travellers”.

  1. What are designated quarantine hotels? Which hotels have been designated?

Designated quarantine hotels can only receive travellers from countries outside China who are required to undergo compulsory quarantine. The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region announced the list of designated quarantine hotels for the fifth cycle, valid from 1 September 2021 until 30 November 2021.

For more details, please refer to the “List of Designated Hotels”.

  1. How and where do I book the designated quarantine hotels on Expedia?
    At the moment, here are the fifth cycle of designated hotels open for booking on Expedia:

You can view the price of the hotel according to your compulsory quarantine period of 7 days, 14 days or 21 days.

  1. When should I book a designated quarantine hotel?

You should book a designated quarantine hotel before departure, otherwise you will not be allowed to board the flight.

  1. What does the price of the quarantine accommodation include?

Beside the basic room facilities offered by the designated quarantine hotels, service will also provide each occupant 3 meals a day during the compulsory quarantine period, costs for which will have already been included in the room rate (10% service charge inclusive) to be charged for your stay.

  1. Do quarantine hotel accommodation options allow food delivery services from outside vendors?

This is subjected to the individual hotel’s policy and arrangement. If you have any concerns about it, make sure you enquire the hotel before making your room reservation.

  1. If I tested positive, and am required to transfer to hospital, will there be any refund arrangement?

For more information about how to cancel or make changes to your booking, you can refer to Expedia’s COVID-19 travel guide. If you need further assistance, you can contact our customer service portal.

  1. How can I save when booking with Expedia?

Expedia offers various discount options for you to save on selected stays. You can:

  • Enjoy discounts with coupon codes
  • Sign up as a Expedia member to earn double Expedia Rewards points on app bookings
  • Earn Expedia Rewards Silver status as soon as you completed your stay at the designated quarantine hotel
  • Enjoy more comprehensive Expedia Rewards member benefits by staying over 15 nights stay to become a Gold member

Expedia Rewards is subject to terms and conditions.


Check the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s website to get the latest information about the designated hotels for quarantine.