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Art-themed hotels add culture and adventure to holidays across Asia Pacific and the Middle East

Art season has sprung and Hong Kongers are becoming interested in exploring the arts culture of cities they visit on holiday.Common in European cities, art-themed hotels are emerging across Asia Pacific and the Middle East with hotels turning into art galleries and vice versa!

The following are recommended art-themed hotels across Asia Pacific and Middle East that are perfect for a spring season vacation stay:

Beijing – Hotel Eclat

Hotel Éclat is a luxury hotel and also a contemporary art gallery. The hotel pays tribute to modern art, with an incredible collection of more than 100 fine art works, display in its guestrooms and public areas, including original sculptures and paintings from the internationally renowned artists like Salvador Dali, Chen Wen Ling, Andy Warhol, Gao Xiao Wu, Zou Liang and more.





Tokyo – Park Hotel Tokyo





The Park Hotel Tokyo is one of the best art-themed hotels in Asia Pacific. The hotel will have art exhibitions on 25th floor where the art lounge is and on 31st floor each season. The exhibitions will be associated with the four seasons to provide unique experience for guests. The latest one was Winter Zoo. The “artist in hotel” programme allows guests to live with the art pieces. In the programme, the hotel transforms standard guest rooms into artist rooms encapsulating their creators’ passions and views of the world, with the artists painting on walls and decorating the rooms with their original paintings or art objects based on the inspirations while they stayed at the hotel. There are 13 guest rooms being transformed by 13 Japanese artists as of today. The themes are Japanese culture such as sakura and sumo. Park Hotel Tokyo plans to add nine artist rooms per year in the next three years to create an entire artist floor.

Korea – Haslla Art World Museum Hotel

Haslla Art World Museum Hotel is located at the Haslla Art World at Gang Neung in South Korea. Designed by Gangneung Wonju National University Professor Choi Ok Yeung and his wife Park shin Jung, the concept is ‘the harmony between the art and the human in nature’. Each corner of the hotel is just like an art gallery, there are 24 hotel rooms and about 100 pieces of art around the hotel. Guests can walk through the Art Park near the hotel, more than 100,000 meter square, full of art pieces with 300 varieties of plants. Haslla is an upcoming art community that gathers artists from all over the world to have workshops, educational programmes and also art festival.

haslla hotel2

haslla hotel

haslla hotel4

haslla hotel3

Taipei – Le Meridien Taipei

Le Méridien Taipei is an art gallery itself, featuring over 700 original artworks created exclusively for the hotel by contemporary artists from around the world, including Taiwan, China, Japan, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Germany. More importantly, the hotel displays art pieces almost every corner, allowing guests to live inside art. The hotel offer exclusively to its guest only with the Le Méridien Unlock Art™ programme, which includes an artist-designed key card collection that grants guests complimentary access to a local cultural institution – the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei. Moreover, the keycard has been created by famous Chinese artist Yan Lei, is intended to become a collector’s item.





Bangkok – Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit

Sofitel is one of the top luxury hotel brands and at the lobby of the Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit it is like wandering into a trés chic artistic experience. The new opening of S Gallery is a collaborative effort between Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit and renowned French art advisor Martin Gerlier, dedicated to showcasing emerging and established local and international artists. The inaugural exhibition – a collection of 72 stunning photographs by France’s Charles Maze – now forms a permanent installation around the top portion of the lobby. New exhibitions will be hosted every two months and include works by painters, photographers, sculptors, installation artists and more. Guests can also enjoy delicious art-inspired small bites.






Indonesia – ARTOTEL

Indonesian contemporary arts are becoming one of the favourites in the Asia Pacific market. Art hotels in Indonesia is absolutely cannot be missed for discerning art fans. ARTOTEL is one of the most signature art-themed hotels in Indonesia. The name of hotel is wordplay of “ART” and “Hotel”. In the hotel, you can find all the amazing contemporary art pieces in the lobby, public areas and hotel rooms, and all of these designs are created by local artists.


India – Le Sutra India

At Le Sutra, travellers can experience thousands of years of Indian ethos that the hotel tried to narrate through contemporary Indian Art. As the world’s first Indian Art hotel, it is subtly composed through paintings, artifacts, and sculptures, showcasing diverse themes and Indian philosophies. The three-storey hotel are with 3 different themes including Tamas(Colourful, Opulent, Intricate), Rajas(Vibrant, Action, Passion, Vivacious) and Sattva(Minimalist, Ethereal, Aesthetic), that sum up worldview in Indian philosophy. The 16 rooms at Le Sutra are based on ‘characters’ (Ravana, Ashoka and Buddha) or ‘characteristics’ (love, purification) by Indian mythos.


Australia – The Henry Jones Art Hotel

Located on Hobart’s waterfront, the Henry Jones is Australia’s first dedicated art hotel. The element of art and design are woven into the fabric of the hotel, they partner with a diverse range of Tasmanian artists to present a continuously changing exhibition of over 400 artworks. Beside of astonishing art pieces, every space is full of creative, from the furniture design and award-winning architectural elements. The hotel’s 56 individually designed rooms and suites reflect Henry Jones’ characteristic fusion of art, heritage, tradition and nature.



Singapore – Hotel Clover The Arts Singapore

Hotel Clover The Arts is a new art-themed boutique hotel situated in Chinatown, Singapore, creating a unique arts experience through its individually-themed rooms, allowing visitors to experience art, not just look at it, as in galleries or museums, but also touch it. Individually-themed rooms designed in styles as diverse as retro kitsch, urban street art, pop art vibrance and line art minimalism. In a bold move to lend a voice to the Singapore’s brand of creativity, Hotel Clover The Arts invited students from different arts and design schools in Singapore to participate in a mural competition for 19 rooms.





Dubai – XVA Art Hotel

XVA Art Hotel is a part of the XVA Gallery, an internationally acclaimed art gallery. It is one of the leading galleries in the Middle East that specializes in contemporary art from the Arab world. Unique for its Persian architectural heritage, the building of XVA Art Hotel itself is an art piece, which 13 unique and individual guest rooms, each is individually themed, based on local inspiration. The public areas of hotel are displaying artworks as well, and the current highlight is by resident artist, Halim Al Karim, who provides an insight into the art of the Middle East. The hotel is located at the heart of Al Fahidi Historical District, neighbor of Dubai Museum. Condé Nast Traveller featured XVA as the no.1 place “not to miss” in Dubai.